Angličtina 4. ročník – EMPLOYMENT

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EMPLOYMENT (Lucia Hudecová, 4.D)

I think choosing career is an important step in everybody´s life. Most children have only small ideas of what they want to be. At first they admire hero proffesions such as pilosts, astronauts, firemen or policemen. Girls have dreams about becoming an actresses, models, singers or ballet dancers. But as they get older, their criteria for choosing their profession become more and more realistic, because they have to utilize their own interests, hopes, desires. Also friends, parrents, teachers and relatives can change their meanings.

Some children look up to their parrents and want to follow in their footsteps. Teenagers between sixteen and eighteen are usually expected to make their choice whether to continue their education or enter the world of work. Someone want to earn some money, but I think it can be very hard fo find good job if you haven´t high education. You have lack of qualifications and experiences. So I think it is better to continue in education. Big number of people continue in studying on universities. I also want go on univesity. I think it is a neccesity, if we want to have good life later and also find suitable job. My opinion is that without diploma you are lost in the world. Various statistics show that people with higher or university education have a better chance of finding a job to their satisfaction. Some people return to their education later in their life and attend evening classes, because they want to find better job. Some people attend school, and also earn some money. Between students are very popular temporary jobs, especially at summer. This summer I had temporary job too. I was working in Bratislava and I earned big money for me. Although it was very hard and I was tired, I´m happy, because I have much new experiences.

For many years my big dream was to became a lawyer, such as Ally Mcbeal, but now I´m more realistic and I think it is not possible. In theese days I want to go on Economic unversity, but I´m not sure if I want work in this sphere. The one thing I know is that I don´t want to work in office and sitting there all the day. I want to find interesting job, everyday full of new things.

Looking for a job can be quite hard. In some regions is high number of unemployed people, because there is no work. But in my opinion, if someone want to work, he can. There are many resources to help people who want to find job. Advertisements in national and local newspapers are one of them. There are quite a lot of local or regional institutions. Job centers or employment offices can help in organizing of requalification trainings for those who have been made redundant. Using former colleagues to help with their contacts is also one way how to find new job.

After collecting information about our job we must write an application. It includes curiculum vitae, which should contain personal details, informations about work experiences, education and our skills. The aim of the aplication is to get an interview. Interview is the most important stage in the procedure of getting job. The applicant must be very carefull not only about what he wear, what first impession he makes, but also what and how he comunicates to the interviewer. In my opinion it is big mistake, if we underrate ourselves. We have to believe in ourselves. There are a lot of books where applicants can find some useful informations how to manage inteview.

Those applicants who are lucky, and get the job become employees of a company, firm or institution. The employee and employer sign a work contract which clearly states the job description, duties and responsibilities, working time, salary. The job may include several benefits, extra advantages, such as company car or mobile phone.

Although the right to work is one of the basic rights of human beings, everybody must be prepared for possibility of loosing their job. If employee doesn´t work enough, he is sacked. If the company reduces the number of employees, some of them are made redundant. The government in our country helps to people who haven´t job. In some cases it is useful, but on the other hand part of the population considers being unemployed more beneficial than going to work. I think they are only lazy and they haven´t big ambitions. Unemployment benefits should motivate people to work and not to stay out of work, but some people are very passive.

Now I describe some professions. Debt collector collect debts from people and companies. Undertaker arrange funerals. A referee makes sure that players obey the rules. Doctor treats sick peole and vet treats sick animals. A bouncer works on the door of the club and keeps trouble makers out. Social worker tries to improve bad social conditions. Lifeguard helps swimmers if they are in danger at the pool. A waiter o waitress serves customers, takes orders and brings foods. There are also many, many other jobs. I think it doesn´t matter what do you do. In my opinion is more important that you have a job.