Angličtina 4. ročník – HUMAN RELATIONS

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HUMAN RELATIONS (Lucia Hudecová, 4.D)

Relations is the official or public relationship that exists between groups of people, organizations or countries. Relationship is the way how people behave to each other and feel about each other. While we can have a good or close relationship with some people, we try to be on good terms with the others. It means that we have a polite and friendly relationship with especially those we don’t know socially, for example someone we have to deal with in a business context.

People who like each other or fall in love have a loving relationship. The biological fact is that men and women send out sexual signals. If you asked many people whether men and women can ever be just friends, their answer would be: almost never. That is also my opinion. There is too much insecurity and anxiety on both sides for friendship. That’s because both parties know that there is always potential for a sexual relationship. They are never sure if the other person would prefer the relationship not to be platonic. And they are rarely open in their feelings for fear of rejection and perhaps spoiling the friendship. Imagine, for example, going camping with a member of the opposite sex. I think you don’t get changed in front of each other. But if you were the same sex, it wouldn’t be a problem. I must say, that I have very much friends who are boys. Now we haven’t the deepest relationship, but I don’t know if he or me one day can fall in love together.

I have some groups of friends. For example in school, I met also with friends from elementary school, I have friends in other towns. With them I meet not very often, but we are still in close contact. To be good friend you have to be a good listener and you have to love your friends exactly as they are. And also you have to spend much time with your friends, to know them, to laugh with them, and sometimes also cry with them. I let my friends know, that I’m here when they need me. I enjoy when we share jokes that no one else understand. It is very good to discuss my problem with friends because I know they always want to help me if I’m in trouble. I’m very happy that I have my friends.

Now I tell you something about social behavior. Social behavior is lees formal in the USA than in Britain, but the trend in both countries is towards less formality, especially among young people. In central Europe conventions of social behavior are quite formal. It is supported by addressing people in a formal way and only after becoming friends calling each other by first names. In English words such as Hello, Hi, See you, Bye, Thanks are considered less formal than Good morning, Good bye. They are used to a person you have not met before, or when you want to be very formal.

Acts of courtesy are considered as normal, for example holding the open door for someone, taking the end place in queue, putting a hand over mouth when coughing or yawing. It is impolite to speak with full mouth or to stare at someone.

Social conventions also apply to body language. Keeping hand in his pocket when a man is being introduced to someone is considered impolite. It is negative signal, if you have crossed legs or hands. Women often kiss each other when leave, but it is not usual for men to kiss each other even within family.

As human beings we are influenced in much ways by our family, upbringing, education or social status. We have different attitudes to life and our opinions and feelings about something are shown in what we say and do. While private lives are important to the English people, work is number one in American priorities. In Slovakia I think it is half to half. I want have family only when I will have good work, and I would be able to pay my everyday bills.

Our values help us determine the way we act. Many people’s positions in various issues are determined by the things they value. Values are influenced by society – friends, parents, community, church, television and newspapers. It is important to express our own values and opinions. We should understand the relationship between values and conflicts and learn to make right judgements. One of the main values in conflict is the value of money opposed to the value of being humane. I hear that some people say that money is the root of all evil. In some cases I agree with them, but I must also say, that the money are very important in our lives. We study, to find well-paid job. Some people work till midnight to be able to feed the family. As I said, my opinion is that we need money if we want have comfortable life, but we can’t loose our character.