Let me tell you something about my family

FAMILY (Lucia Hudecová, 4.D)

Let me tell you something about my family. It is small and quite family.

First comes mother, as a head of family. Her name is Daniela. She is short and slim woman. Nobody would believe that she is fourty-two years old. She certainly doesn´t look her age. My mum is elegant, midle-aged woman. I love her, because she is not very strict, she tries to discuss all problems with me and everytime we find the solution good for her and also good for me. She works as an inspector in Banská Bystrica for five years and she loves her work, because it is interesting and every day different. She builds her career, but also she takes after family. She doesn´t like cooking very much, but I love the meals she cooks, for example chicken soup. She likes tiding. Her biggest interest is architecture. She wanted to be an architect, but finally she had studied Chemical University. My father married mother in 1985, but twelve years ago they had divorced. He lives still in Dubnica. We are not in contact with him yet.

Two years ago my mum felt in love with one man and now she lives with him and my sister in Zvolen. Name of this man is Dušan and he works as a programmer. He has two children from his first marriage – Martin and Monika. He is very tall and thin man. Sometimes he wears beard and moustache. He is fourtyfive years old and is going bald. Dušan is wearing strong glasses. He is interested in computers, but also he likes gardening. Behind the house in Zvolen we have big garden with fruit trees. Dušan takes after our two dogs – Belo and Kenny. They both are white, but Belo is big and Kenny is very small dog. I like that dogs, because they are very funny and friendly.

I have also one younger sister. Her name is Barborka and is thirteen years old. She has a pet – bird, whose name is Fero. My sister is of medium heigh, she has beatiful long fair hair and blue eyes. She goes to school in Zvolen, now she is in eight class. At the beginning she didn´t want to move to Zvolen, but she found very much new friends and I think she is happy. Her favourite food is pizza. She didn´t get on with me very well when she lived in Brezno, but now it is better.

As I mentioned, I have one half-sister Monika. She is sixteen years old. She visits gymnasium. My half-brother Martin is fourteen years old. They both live with their mother in a village near Zvolen.

I myself am eighteen. I am studying on Business Academy in Brezno and this year I am finishing High school. Then I wnat to study on Economic University in Bratislava or Lawyer faculty in Košice. I have to do all household duties, because I don´t live with mum yet. As I said, she lives in Zvolen.

My uncle Lubomír and aunt Zdenka live in Topoľčany. They both are midle-aged and I like going on holiday to them. My cousin Janka makes sport from three years – she is very good in gymnastic. Now she is fifteen. I get on with her very well, we are also friends. My cousin Maťko is ten years old, he is visiting elementary school. He is the youngest member of our family.

My grandparents on my mother´s side live in Bánovce nad Bebravou in very nice house. I don´t visit them very often, because it is very long distance, but I phone with them nearly every day. My grandmother Mária is sixty-two years old. She likes cooking and she knits sweaters to all members in our family. My grandfather Martin likes gardening and works in a house. I love them both.