Modern lifestyle expects people to be fit and healthy

HEALTH AND CARE (Lucia Hudecová, 4.D)

Modern lifestyle expects people to be fit and healthy. We usually exercise when we want to get rid of stress or to relax in an active way. Most of us are amateurs, but some people are doing sport profesional. They have to work very hard. Most people take relatively little general exercise and many people travel even the shortest distances by car or bus. Lack of exercise combined with eating to many fatty and sugary foods has meant that many people are becoming too fat. Children spend a lot of their free time watching television o playing computer games. They aren´t physically active. I think their parrents have to do some activities with them to keep their children fit.

I am young and I can say that young people don´t think much about healthy lifestyle and food. When I do some physilcal exercises I think more about the shape of my body than about health. The most of people, young or old, do things that harm their bodies. Smoking or drinking alcohol are some of the most obvious examples. I think that most dangerous is taking hard drugs. Taking drugs is often finnished by death. I don´t smoke. I don´t wanna waste my money on cigarettes, I don´t want my breath and clothes smell and mainly I don´t want to kill myself. People do this unhealthy things even though they know how harmful it for their bodies is. From my experience I can say, that we think about our health when we get sick. We don´t know what we got till it´s gone. I am very bad patient, I am affraid of doctors. I hate injections.

There are some principes to keep fit and healthy, but only a few people follow them. I personaly follow a small number of them. To be in good health we must have nutrious food, regular exercise, have plenty of fresh air. We have to eat small portions more frequently and we haven´t eat before going to bed.

Nowadays we know, that eating of white flour , white sugar and rock salt is unhealthy, but on the other side, eating of whole-grain flour, honey and sea salt is more healthy. To keep in balance we have to eat vitamins and minerals, drink a lot of water, or go for a walks. I used to go on walks every evening with my dog, but I haven´t dog yet, so now I don´t go on walks. I think it is better to walk up the stairs like take a lift. Its fashionable to talk about diets, long life as well as to talk about meditation, positive thinking. I want to mention, that if I am happy, I am also healthy. It´sgood to have firends, discuss problems with them, because it helps to relieve stress. Keeping hobby or pet makes life enjoyable.

There are some illnesess that we don´t consider to be serious, like when we have flu or cold. I usually go to the chemist´s, buy some medicines, drink huge volumes of herbal tea. In most cases I feel fit in a week. Sometimes I go to the doctor, sometimes not. If the temperature rise and headache grows it´s time to see my doctor. She look at my tongue, feel pulse. She tells me to keep in bed for few days. One advantage of being sick is that I don´t go to school. In some diseases symptoms are hidden and when you´ll find you´re ill, it´s too late. Fortunately, medical science is in progress. At present time transplantation of organs is quite common. I realise that prevention is better than cure. It is a duty of everyone to keep himself physically fit.

Bungee-jumping, ice diving, snowrafting, white water rafting are extreme sports. They are very dangerous, but many people aren´t affraid and make them for adrenaline in blood. I want to try bungee-jumping.

A big number of people die in car accidents, in wars, in natural disasters. It´s well-known, that women live longer than men, so I think it´s good to be a woman .