Angličtina 4. ročník – SPORTS

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SPORTS (Lucia Hudecová, 4. D)

Modern lifestyle expects people to be fit and healthy. We usually exercise when we to get rid of stress or to relax in an active way. Most of us are amateurs, but some people are doing sport profesional. They have to work very hard. Most people take relatively little general exercise and many people travel even the shortest distances by car or bus. Lack of exercise combined with eating to many fatty and sugary foods has meant that many people are becoming too fat. Children spend a lot of their free time watching television o playing computer games. They aren´t physically active. Team sports teach children a lot about fair play, how to deal with other people and how to keep rules.

Fairplay is controlled by referees or umpires.

Team sports are footbal, volleyball, basketball, tennis, rugby, baseball, cricket, and ice-hockey. Footbal is most popular sport between men. Ice-hockey is winter soprt. The playing field is ice. Two groups of 6 players each hit a small falt object across the ice with their sticks. The players wears heavy clothes, because it isn´t gentle game. There are three 20 minute periods in hockey. Every minute is full of action. Slovakia plays good hockey, few years ago we won golden medail. The best slovak hockey players are for example Šatan, Lašák, Štumpel an many others. Sport can we divide into outdoor and indoor sports. Gymnastic is typical indoor sport and for example athletic is typical outdoor sport. The most popular indoor sport is darts. Indoor sport can be practised all the year, because it don´t depends on weather. Most of outdoor sports can be practised in summer, or in winter. Typical summer sports are water sports, like yachting, water-skiing, wind-surfing. Typical winter sport is skiing or sledging, snowboarding. Swimming is we can practise outdoor, but also indoor, in summer or in winter. It has three main styles: free style, backstore and crawl. Equipment for swimming: swimming suit, swimming cap and glasses. The best swimmer from Slovakia is Martina Moravcová. She has win much competitions. Bungee-jumping, ice diving, snowrafting, white water rafting are extreme sports. They are very dangerous, but many people aren´t affraid and make them for adrenaline in blood. I want to try bungee-jumping.

The dream of each sportsman is to take part in the Olympis Games. It is an international competition held every four years in a different country.

I love many sports, but best of all cycling. My parrents bought my first bike when I was six years old. I also love swimming, but now I don´t swim very often, because in our town is not good swimming pool. Team sports are funny, beacuse you can play them with a group of your friends. My cousin is good in gymnastic. She makes this sport from three years. Now she is sixteen and she had won a big number of competitions, she visited many countries. I enjoy to see hockey in television, especially championship.