Angličtina 4. ročník – THE HUMAN RACE AND NATURE

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Increases in the human population have had dramatic effects on environment. Need for new materials and rapid economic growth have contributed to environmental stress. Mixture of gases in the Earth’s atmosphere in very important to us. It is well known, that people are polluting the planet we live on. Pollution is damage to the air, sea, rivers or land caused by chemicals, waste and harmful gases. Pollutants include toxic waste and pesticides. Pollution takes many forms. Water becomes polluted when waste poisons water. People, animals, and plants need clean water to live. Land become polluted when waste materials poison the ground. Some poisons leak into underground water. Air becomes polluted when fumes poison the air. People, animals, and plants need clean air to live.

Human beings need air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat, and space to live and move. Our home planet is changing all the time. It becomes more and more crowded, because more and more people live on the Earth. The air that is breathed is shared by more people, the water that is drunk is shared by more people, and space in which we live and work is shared by more people.

Water pollution is spreading. Rivers, lakes and oceans are being polluted. Waste and chemicals are all being discharged into the water. This pollution can poison the water that people drink and that supports plant life – plants are eaten by people. It can poison or kill the animals.

People are producing more waste and this waste can pollute the ground and groundwater below it. New techniques make some landfills usable again, but then other areas need to be used for landfills. The visible pollution is obvious, but I know that invisible poisons in the air do damage too.

In my opinion the biggest polluter today is the car. Exhaust fumes are the main cause of bad air quality. The number of cars is increasing every year. The greenhouse effect is caused by harmful gases known as the greenhouse gases. The ozone layer is being damaged by chemicals, and when the hole appears in ozone layer, harmful light from Sun reaches the Earth. Acid from factory smokes contributes to harmful acid rain, which causes damages to trees, rivers and buildings. Many people try to protect the environment by joining environmental groups that inform people about green issues and organise protests. The famous environmental group on the world is Greenpeace.

I have heard people talk about things like global warming, air pollution, acid rain, deforestation, nuclear waste, and holes in ozone layer. All of these environmental problems are real, and there are many people trying to solve them. Environmental scientists work in many fields of science, especially chemistry, to help them understand and solve these difficult environmental problems.

Besides chemistry, there are also computers, techniques and knowledge from biology and physics to understand environment.

Some of the areas that environmental scientists research are water pollution. They test pollution in the water by chemically analysing of natural water sources. They also study air pollution hoping that they can help us slow or stop the destruction of our atmosphere and the gases we breathe.

Right now, environmental scientists are working on things like environmentally friendly energy sources to help solve the energy crisis. They are working on making solar, wind, and geothermal energy. There are also people who are working on improving our recycle system. Then we can reuse a great percentage of our materials instead of simply throwing them out. People have really begun to realise how important is for us protecting our planet only in the last twenty years. Environmental issues and scientists who understand what is happening to our planet have become some of the most important people on Earth.

Reduce, recycle and reuse. I think this three words can be learned by children. My opinion is that some day, when these children grow up, most people will reduce their usage of one-time-use items and reduce the amount of waste. People will reuse any materials they can and hopefully will recycle materials they can’t use.

These days I hear about so may products that are green or environmentally friendly. It is surprising for me that there are any environmental problems yet. The word environment is good selling point. I am even willing to pay more for products that are environmentally-friendly. It is important that we know what we are paying for. I thing it is duty of everyone to keep our planet healthy. Well, I must say, that it is very sad, that some don’t think about this things. I don’t know change their opinions. I can’t say, that I do all the things I have to do, but I want change my habits. I think that everybody must want to save our planet.