Angličtina 4. ročník – TRAVELLING

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TRAVELLING (Lucia Hudecová, 4.D)

Every day hundrets of people travel from one place to another. They travel to work, to school, to business. Many people travel for pleasure and travelling has recently become one of the most popular hobbies. Travelling is an interesting way of spending holidays. In every season of the year, the airports, railway stations, seaports and bus stops are full of people travelling for long or short distances.

The world is getting smaller. I don´t want to say that the globe is shrinking, but if we consider we can travel around the globe within two days, it cannot be a big place. In the past a trip to America by boat took few months. Visiting far-away destinations wasn´t very frequent. People didn´t know much about countries, nations and cultures on the other side of globe. I think aircraft, telecomunications and information technologies made the difference. Nowadays travelling is getting very common. I noticed that people often say that travelling is their hobby. For some people travelling is everyday duty. They visit many countries, but they don´t learn much about them. Travelling by air is the fastest way to go to the distant countries, but also most expesive.

At the airport the passengers travelling with international airlines have to show their passports. An official weights of their luggage is only 20 kilograms for one passenger. The passengers must also go through customs. Then passengers go to waiting room. When the aircraft is prepared for flight, the announcer calls passengers to get ready and board the plane. During the flight stewards offers to the passengers some meals, drinks, cigarettes or sweets. Travelling by train is also very common form of travelling. It is cheap, but not very clean and comfortable as soon as travelling by bus. I go by bus every morning to school. I think the most comfortable is traveling by car. Children in America have their own cars when they are 16 yeras old. I haven´t my own car, but I have fresh driving licence. Big number of young people prefer travelling by bike. This type of travelling depends much on weather. I think it is healthy.

The most popular destination for summer holidays are beaches in Greece, Turkey, Spain or Italy. Few years ago I was on holiday with my family in Italy. In my opinion it is wonderful country. People are kind, beaches are beatiful. Every morning we used to collect shells. I was fascinated when the sun rised. Some people go on holidays also in winter. I think most popular are Austrian Alps, where people can skiing, snowboarding or sledging. University students like go on work and travel holidays. I have to mention that this is a very good way to learn a foreign language, see new places and make new friends. They also get experience of working abroad.

I personaly like travelling, because I like recognizing of new things. My big dream is to go to the New Zeland. In my eyes it is beatiful country with wonderfull nature. I don´t know much about this country yet, but I want to find some informations when I will have time. Now we are planning family holiday to Egypt. I am interested in pyramids, sfings and the culture of Egypt. When I travel to other countries I like buying souvenirs to take back home. I also buy some gifts for my friends.

Travelling includes business trips, leisure travels and holidays. Holiday is a period of relaxation, spent away from home, free from work and duties. When we want to go on holiday we usually visit travel agency. It is an office engaged in selling, arranging or furnishing information about presonal transportation or travel. When we travel we can accomodate in hotel, motel, botel, hostel, guest house or we can camping. But I think the best place to live and sleep is our home. („East or west, the home is best“)